Demi Pension or a la carte?

                         We are a chambre et table d'hote.

After a long day enjoying Lozere, or a long journey to get here, most people find it easy to just relax without searching for food.

Because of this we were asked by many people if we could provide evening meals. Once we started we found it enjoyable, not just because we enjoy cooking, but because the residents sat round and became friends over the course of the evening. Our demi pension menus are geared to our boarding clients, but we also offer "a la carte" for a range of tastes.

Many a time we have extended the evening hours to enable people to sit together and enjoy each others company.

So what we learned was that relaxing with an "appero" was not just a tradition for the French, but a part of our overseas clients learning to enjoy the food, the evening, and the company.

Because food is so important here, we raised our skills to make sure we can compete with any other restaurant in the area, on price,on flavour and quality.

We learned the importance of fresh quality products, locally grown and harvested produce whenever possible, traditional cooking and menus, but above all, we are a meeting place for people from all over the world.

With that in mind we produce menus and plates from all over the world.

Each meal is cooked fresh, with care and with flavours that compliment each other, So it is possible to eat  Farcous from Lozere and Confit de Canard,to Curry from Balti in India, Lasagne from traditional Italian recipes, to good old "fish and chips".

Linda cooks fresh tarts of the day, ( Camembert and tomato, blue des causses to name just two) and we specialise in making vegetables that taste extraordinary to compliment menus such as the Gigot d'agneau from the causses.

We try to offer at least three vegetables with every main course, some courses in winter include nine!

Because of modern day living requires dietary changes we also have a fine range of vegetairian meals and gluten free menus that are made with the same care and expertise as our normal menu.