Maison Tranquille is for sale!
For the past decade in the gorges, we have enjoyed some of the best times of our lives with what has become one of the most successful businesses in one of France's favourite tourist areas.
Here in the Cevennes National Park, and under the umbrella of UNESCO, we are unique; mainly because of our location, but also in the flexibility of our small business.
We have a chambre, and table d'hote (Bed and Breakfast),
that gives you absolute control over your working days and hours, and over how much you wish to earn
We have built flexibility into our properties giving you an opportunity to go in whatever direction you want or need to do. You may want to concentrate on just Bed and Breakfast, with or without meals, or increase the amount of restaurant clients.
The main House has 3 spacious bedrooms all with showers and toilets. A spacious room used for our restaurant, with a sitting/tv room and a good usable balcony and also a garden with views that are second to none.
The kitchen is functional and easy to maintain and meets the standards of hygiene.
There is a large basement that can be used for linen and storage or can be easily transferred into a garden/restaurant.

The Annex.
The  annex contains 2 large rooms (refurbished 2016), and has your appartment on the ground floor which has everything you need to close the door on the world, and relax away from the clients.
We have been very careful to allow for the change in economic climate, because there is nothing worse than spending a fortune on something that doesn't work, so with that in mind we have made sure you can get the maximum from the business.
Working with the agent from a worldwide booking company, we have a good high score in customer comments, those reached are on par with 3 other big hotels in this area, which is unheard of for a small commerce.
We have contacts from all over the world who use us because of not only our hospitality, but also our commitment to our customers.
There are quiet moments, and this is the nature of the business we are in, but what we have done is to be able to maximize the times when you are busy, into what you think you can manage.
The equipment and furniture in Maison Tranquille is either new and replaced according to the usage, or in excellent condition along with bedding and utensils in the kitchen.
This is also unique in that; what we want to sell you is a business that is already working, starting from the time up to the signing of the documents and open your front door. We can (and are for 2017) still take bookings on your behalf, so you can hit the ground running! (we can verify all the earnings and potential)
We are more than willing to help there for the first month or so, giving you another insight into what, why, when, and where, and the best and most cost-effective way for the day to day running.
We have a website that is prominent and is well used by all parts of the world, and we are available for bookings throughout the year, 24 hours a day.
These key features are not something you can get overnight, nor are they something you can normally buy, so please believe us when we say;
All the hard work is done!

If you are interested then please use the private email below where we can send you photos of Maison Tranquille or give you a virtual tour.